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Commercial-Grade Garbage Disposals

Commercial Drain Services

Faucet Installation, Repair & Replacement

In order to uphold a productive business a working faucet is critical to not only to maintain daily functions but also to help prevent the spread of germs and illness, which in turn increases productivity. In fact, studies show that as much as 50% of food borne illnesses are transmitted due to poor hand washing techniques. Therefore, a functional faucet is essential to help promote good hygiene while protecting workers and customers from the further spread of diseases. In some industries, such as the food service industries an operating faucet is mandated by law. From faucet installation to repair, and more…A Prestigious Plumber Can Care For  You!
Garbage and food waste disposal systems help the environment by keeping compostable and easily degraded materials out of landfills, ultimately, reducing over-crowding in commercial waste receptacles. Therefore, the regular practice of a garbage disposal use can equate to a significant savings for property managers by reducing waste services and their associated costs. Commercial grade disposal systems come in various shapes and sizes to fit any budget and application. From installation to repair…A Prestigious Plumber is there!
A Commercial drain system is an integral part of societal safety by removing large volumes of water from high traffic areas during times of natural disaster. In addition, they are necessary for drainage of commercial kitchen floors, parking lots and vehicle washing facilities. Prestige Plumbing & Restoration offers professional commercial drain services to Central Florida, including installation, repair, cleaning and routine maintenance. Drain problems? A Prestigious Plumber Can Care For  You!

Commercial Water & Sewer Line Replacement

Commercial Toilet Repair & Replacement

Water & Sewer Leaks

Whether supply or waste/sewer lines are leaking, commercial water leaks can be inconvenient and even hazardous. In fact, a small drip leak alone can produce hundreds of gallons of water a day that can cause unnecessary and expensive damage to valuable and sometimes irreplaceable items. Furthermore, in a worst case scenario if a leak is located behind a wall or near an electrical unit it can often go unnoticed until the damage or danger has reached a critical level of concern. Our commercial plumbers are trained to quickly assess and repair any water leak. Indeed, a Prestigious Plumber is there for you!
The exceeding amount of use commercial toilets and their necessary plumbing systems take on can become detrimental to a business. For instance, in bars and restaurants these fixtures routinely become clogged due to negligence, whether it is from diapers, feminine products, aluminum cans and even entire rolls of paper. If someone or something has clogged your drains or toilets….Allow a Prestigious Plumber to care for your needs! Furthermore, keep in mind that by incorporating  low- flow model toilets into  your entity can save you anywhere from 54%-77% of the water conservation.
With today’s technological advances pipe manufacturing materials are continuously improving and updating. In fact, the pipes  currently manufactured can outlast old piping materials as much as ten times as long as the traditional materials, such as clay, steel, lead, or first generation PVC's. Unfortunately, most existing water lines that are designed with traditional materials are already beyond repair and may need complete replacement with new piping materials. However, there are instances where the traditional material can be repaired and cleaned out using special devices and skilled techniques. Indeed, when a water supply or sewer line breaks its imperative t to repair the leak efficiently and quickly, while causing the least disruption to your entity. Fortunately, water and sewer line upgrade, replacement and installation are our specialty!

Boilers & Water Heaters

Natural  & Propane Gas Services 

Lift Stations
& Pumps

Commercial facilities can use a significant amount of hot water, and therefore a water heater is a necessity. Whether your needs are as simple as hand washing, laundry or dishwashing, to something as complex as a water system used in manufacturing and production plants. A water heater is needed to meet these specific demands. A Prestigious Plumber is there for your repair, replacement, or installation!
Not sure if you have a leaky gas line? Well, that can spell a potential disaster or danger. Have no fear a licensed Prestigious Plumber is here! Our services are not limited to a gas leak search and repair, but also gas line testing, terminations, and installing new gas lines in existing businesses to their appliances. Here a licensed and trained commercial plumber is on call 24/7 to help resolve your natural gas or propane problems. Confidently, all our plumbing work is completed in accordance with current municipal codes, and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Lift Stations and commercial pump networks are an integral part of water and waste distribution in commercial facilities, municipal plumbing systems, and apartment complexes. These devices move water with pressurized pumps which counter gravity's effects on water flow, ultimately allowing water to move up and down in elevated areas of piping. From commercial sanitary lift stations to water supply and sump pumps…A Prestigious Plumber is there for you!