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Prestige Plumbing & Restoration specializes in a broad spectrum of skills, concentrating in the kitchen, bath, and entertainment areas of your home — from simple replacements to intricate design and renovations.

Do you cringe every time you walk into your kitchen to cook or just cannot stand your outdated bathroom? Well, with our skilled renovators we can transform your dreams into reality and create a sanctuary into your home. The benefit of utilizing Prestige Plumbing & Restoration as your go to for a remodel is that we are fully capable of contracting the work to be completed to ourselves; therefore, we do not reach out to other entities allowing us to complete your desires in a timely and efficient manner. With our full bathroom or kitchen remodel, Prestige Plumbing & Restoration can replace virtually any feature you wish to update whether it is a major or minor. For instance, with a kitchen remodel not only we can completely tear out existing cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, and drywall but we can also rearrange the layout to design an entirely new and modernized space, which commonly requires a reroute with plumbing. From the kitchen cabinets to the kitchen flooring, we’ll make sure the entire room is constructed with durable products that will look stunning for years to come. Likewise, a bathroom remodel can involve replacing the bathroom countertops, cabinets, installing a new shower or tub with plumbing, laying down new flooring, and much more. All in all, we can professionally design and renovate any aspect of your home to your desires.

Regardless of the remodeling option you choose for your home we can assure you that one of our experienced craftsmen will transform your home while embracing meticulous detail to meet your standards. We take great pride in our skills and appreciate your continuation of business; therefore it is just as important to us as it is to you to complete your dream until the final result is exactly what you had imagined.