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 Camera Diagnosis

Clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom are a real pain, and even slow draining pipes can be inconvenient.   With Prestige Plumbing & Restoration plumbers are trained, licensed, and equipped to handle any drain clog or slow draining pipes you might have in your home. If you repeatedly have clogged drains, we can diagnose the problem by video inspection before clearing the drain. Sometimes a broken pipe or tree roots can be the culprit for repeated clogs. A camera inspection allows you to make informed choices about your repairs.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters are a home necessity; they provide hot water for cooking, laundry and bathing. While the experts are still discussing the benefits and disadvantages of tank-less vs. traditional water heaters, Prestige Plumbing & Restoration plumbers are licensed, trained, and insured to service or install any make and model you find is best suitable for your home needs.

Faucet Installation, Repair & Replacement

A leaky or clogged faucet can be a huge inconvenience in your home. A faucet serves as the interface between your water supply and you, therefore, for most cannot be taken for granted. It is an integral part for a functioning day at home. Whether you are looking to repair an existing faucet, install a new one, or just have one replaced we are there for you.

Lawn Irrigation 
Systems & Repairs

Would you like to have a superior irrigation system installed to maintain your award winning lawn you have just invested into? As you know a summer in Florida can destroy a beautifully designed lawn and the only resolution is a sophisticated irrigation system. With Prestige Plumbing & Restoration we can fix or design an irrigation system for you! Our skilled team of licensed and trained plumbers at Prestige Plumbing & Restoration is your one stop shop for everything plumbing related.

Home Garbage & Food Disposals

Are you accustomed to disposing of unwanted food items with a flick of a switch, or would you like to be? The garbage disposal is a modern luxury for some, and an indispensable ally to most. And if there is a forbidden item thrown into it, who do you call?  Prestige Plumbing & Restoration. We will be to the rescue for you!

Home Toilet Repair & Replacement

  Indeed toilets are critical to modern society. While Prestige Plumbing & Restoration has not been established as long as indoor plumbing, we do have years of experience in the matter. We can address any cosmetic, eco-friendly, or it just needs fixed concerns when it comes to your indoor plumbing. Did you know the average toilet is flushed as many as 15 times per day? By incorporating a low- flow model toilet in your home you can save anywhere from 54%-77% of the water your pre-1980's model toilet uses. Not only with this significantly reduce your water bill it is also eco-friendly to our limited planet resources. Prestige Plumbing & Restoration plumbers can recommend and install any toilet of your choice, and we can also repair and even rebuild most brands and models. Call now to see how we can help you!

Gas Line Repair & Replacement 

Natural and liquid propane gases are both a common and economical way to heat your home and run your appliances in the Central Florida locations. Fortunately, Prestige Plumbing & Restoration plumbers are licensed, insured, and trained to install, completely repair or service your gas distribution system from the meter itself all the way to the end use points in your home. Furthermore, we offer gas line replacement, gas line testing, and even gas log installation.  Whether it is natural or propane gas services your need… We can fix it!

Water Leaks

Do you have a water leak? Don't ignore it, because controllable water damage can cause thousands of dollars in repairs if not addressed immediately. Even a minor drip can produce hundreds of gallons per week, ultimately affecting your water bill$$... With Prestige Plumbing & Restoration our skilled plumbers know your time and property are equally important, and we will work diligently to resolve   your water leak quickly, professionally and according to municipal code. All jobs are priced prior to beginning work, so you'll always know what to expect with satisfaction and job guarantee.